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Introduction to pipe relining

Pipe relining is an efficient, non-destructive method compared to traditional pipe repair. The process involves inserting a resin-impregnated liner into the existing pipe, a method which can yield a smooth surface and seamless new pipe within the old one. Our trenchless repair methods eliminate the need for trench-digging, keeping your property intact.

Pipe relining can be the ideal solution for your plumbing issues, offering substantial savings in both time and money when compared to full pipe replacement. Pipe relining can be completed within a few hours, often providing same day service and minimising interruption. Cured relined pipes are more robust than new pipes, reducing disruption in daily life.

However, it’s essential to weigh the significant benefits against some risks and considerations when deciding if pipe relining is right for you. The subsequent sections are dedicated to offering our clients comprehensive insights into the pipe relining solutions and potential drawbacks.

When to consider pipe relining

There are several common scenarios when pipe relining should be considered as an alternative to full pipe replacement:

  • Frequent blocked drains - If you’re contending with repeated drain clogs or backups, a blocked drain may indicate an underlying issue such as pipe cracks, roots, or other damage that drain repair through relining can address.
  • Cracks and leaks in piping - identifying leaks early and opting for pipe relining can prevent complications that might otherwise damage your home infrastructure.
  • Preventative maintenance - Proactively relining old pipes showing signs of wear now can help avoid major pipe failures down the road.
  • Tree root intrusion - Root invasion is a common cause of pipe damage. Relining provides a protective barrier and is less invasive than removing roots or dealing with broken blocked pipes.

Pipe relining can reduce costs by 20-30% compared to full pipe replacement. As a trenchless option, pipe relining eliminates the need for costly restoration, with our expert team ensuring efficient service. Our experts are ready to assess whether pipe relining is the right fix for your drainage system issues.

The pipe relining process

The pipe relining process begins with a CCTV drain inspection, offering a thorough examination of the pipes. Our experts determine the damage’s location and extent to plan the best repair strategy. We ensure your pipes can be relined proficiently, encompassing clay, concrete, PVC, galvanised iron, and other pipe materials from 50mm to 300mm in diameter.

Following the inspection, we thoroughly cleanse your pipes with high-pressure water jets. As the epoxy resin cures with the application of hot water, it creates a durable layer, fortifying your sewer against future issues.

Pipe relining uses trenchless techniques through small access points, minimising environmental impact. Our emergency plumber performs pipe relining by restoring any access points used, leaving your property without a trace of our presence.

The entire procedure, carried out by our team from initial inspection to cured liner, is usually complete in just a few hours or within one day of work, preventing any future damage.

Your system is reinstated instantly, foregoing the need for excavation, as no parts require to be replaced with a new one. For tailored pipe relining services, contact us to start a detailed CCTV pipe assessment or the relining process.

Potential risks and problems with pipe relining

Despite its benefits, pipe relining carries potential risks, as does any procedure:

Improper installation

If the relining is not done correctly, it could lead to potential cracks leaks, or even a collapse of the pipes. An inexperienced technician may fail to properly cure the resin or fully coat all affected areas inside your damaged pipe system. Opt for a reputable service known for its pipe relining experts.

Existing structural issues

A section of existing pipe that is severely damaged, collapsed, or misaligned may not be a good candidate for sewer pipe relining. The existing structure needs to be adequate to support the new pipe within, considering your specific plumbing configuration. A replacement of a section of pipe in your property could be necessary in such situations.

Blocked access points

If technicians cannot properly feed the liner throughout your entire pipe system due to collapsed lines or other blockages, it can limit the scope of the project. This may fail to address all problem areas.

Resin leakage

On rare occasions, small amounts of resin can leak into surrounding soil through cracks in the original pipes during installation. While not hazardous, repairing damaged areas would necessitate clean-up.

Ultimately, if it’s time for a professional assessment of your plumbing system, consider CCTV inspections to determine if pipe relining suits your needs or if a full replacement is necessary after considering these potential risks.

Pipe materials and diameters suitable for relining

The process of how pipe relining can be implemented to mend various types of pipes includes:

  • PVC
  • Concrete
  • Cast iron
  • Galvanised steel
  • Clay
  • Polyethylene

Our specialists cater pipe relining services to pipe diameters from 50mm to 300mm, covering most residential needs.

Pipe relining provides burst pipes with seamless epoxy resin liners that conform to the pipes’ shape, securing against future leaks.

We preserve your pipes’ structural integrity by injecting top-notch resin, offering a cost-efficient rehabilitation of your plumbing system over full replacement. Contact us for a video pipe inspection to determine if your pipes are suitable candidates for trenchless relining.

Short-term savings vs long-term implications

Initially, pipe relining is often 20-30% less expensive than full pipe replacement. You avoid expensive restoration work on landscaping since it is a minimally invasive process completed through small access points.

Nevertheless, the initial savings should be considered alongside the extended service life pipe relining can provide. The seamless epoxy coatings are superior, boasting strength and durability that surpass traditional new pipes.

Pipe relining extends the life of pipes, often exceeding 50 years before requiring additional maintenance. So while pipe relining may cost more upfront than a "patch fix," it adds long-term value by restoring and enhancing your plumbing infrastructure.

You can Contact our experts to consider relining your pipes and assess if it’s the right investment for a permanent drainage solution in your home or buildings, without the disruption of pipe replacements every 10-15 years.

Choosing a professional pipe relining service

When considering pipe relining vs replacement, it’s important to select a professional service with extensive expertise and experience performing these trenchless repairs. Choosing a service with a solid track record and commitment to quality materials is crucial.

Factors to consider when choosing a provider include:

  • Industry experience and specialisation in pipe relining
  • Use of state-of-the-art equipment like CCTV pipe inspection tools
  • Advanced training and certification for all technicians
  • An excellent customer service reputation
  • Capabilities to handle residential and commercial projects
  • Comprehensive warranty on all pipe relining work

Gladesville Plumbing provides pipe relining across Sydney, drawing from over 15 years of specialised experience. We offer free CCTV drain inspections and quotes for all jobs.

Contact us at 1300 349 338 or jobs@gladesvilleplumbingservice.com.au to discover more about the suitability of trenchless pipe relining for your home or enterprise.

Comparing pipe relining to pipe replacement

Homeowners with cracked or broken pipes have two choices: pipe relining or full pipe replacement. Here is how the two methods compare:


Drain pipe relining is a cost-effective option, typically costing 20-30% less than replacing pipes. Exact costs depend on factors like pipe length and diameters, but relining avoids expensive restoration to landscaping since no trenches are dug.

Time and disruption

Our pipe relining service, available throughout the week, is completed through small access points, sparing your property from excavation. Pipe replacement often takes over a week and involves heavy machinery and demolition, leading to substantial disruption.


The seamless epoxy coatings created by our team experts during the pipe relining often last 50+ years. They prevent future issues more effectively than pipe joints which may ultimately fail over time. Yet, full replacement may be necessary for peace of mind when the damage to a broken pipe is more extensive than relining can manage.


Pipe relining has size limitations and may not work in cases of extreme deterioration or misalignment. While optimal for preventative measures, then pipe relining may not suffice if the pipe is extensively damaged.

In the end, using pipe relining requires a professional inspection by a plumber to determine if it’s the best solution for your situation. Contact our team at Gladesville Plumbing to schedule an assessment of your pipes and weigh your options.

When is pipe replacement necessary over relining?

In certain situations, full pipe replacement may be required instead of relining:

  • Extremely deteriorated or collapsed pipes where the original structure cannot support a new liner
  • Pipes with diameters under 50mm or over 300mm that aren’t suited to the relining process
  • Cases where the piping configuration needs to be redesigned or upgraded to meet changing drainage requirements
  • When invasive tree roots have caused severe deflexion or misalignment of pipes
  • Significant sections of missing piping that create gaps unable to be bridged by lining alone
  • Pre-existing pipe materials like asbestos cement that should be completely removed
  • Lack of proper access to feed the liner throughout long pipe runs due to blockages
  • Serious foundation or soil settlement issues exerting extreme pressure on pipes

In these situations where the existing plumbing infrastructure is unsuitable for trenchless relining, full-scale pipe replacement by excavating and installing entirely new lines may be the only option for your damaged drain. Contact our team for professional assessments.

Conclusion: Is pipe relining right for you?

Sewer relining, a minimally invasive repair option, reinforces and invigorates compromised sewer structures. Our services can repair and future-proof your damaged pipes when existing sewer pipes are intact, all at a lower cost than replacement.

However, certain circumstances may impose limitations on your existing pipes. Severely deteriorated, collapsed, or blocked pipes may still require full excavation and replacement. Consulting with your plumber is key to public health and evaluating if your pipes can be relined.

Ultimately, a balanced consideration of risks and benefits versus pipe replacement, in consultation with plumbing professionals, is advisable. Pipe relining adds decades of life to ageing pipes with less mess and demolition. Schedule an inspection with our team at Gladesville Plumbing on 1300 349 338 to discuss your options further.

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