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Introduction: Drain Snakes vs. Hydrojetting

Gladesville homeowners dealing with clogged drains often consider plumbing snakes and hydrojetting. Both have merits, but it’s crucial to weigh the pros and cons of each.

In this article, we’ll compare the effectiveness of plumbers snakes versus hydrojetting machines, look at the types of clogs best suited to each method, and discuss factors to consider when deciding which one to use.

As trusted plumbers serving Gladesville for over 10 years, we’ll also provide tips for preventing clogs and keeping drains clear based on our extensive experience.

Whether you have a blocked kitchen sink, clogged toilet or sewer lines issues, read on for insights into choosing the best drain clearing method for your situation. We’ll guide you in making smart home improvement decisions for maintaining healthy drainage systems, ensuring tools are properly inserted into the plumbing inside your home.

When to Use Drain Snakes

Drain snakes, suitable for all shapes of drain sewer pipes, can be an effective solution for clearing clogs and minor blockages when used properly. Hydrojetting machines often address issues beyond a drain snake’s reach, offering a comprehensive solution for Gladesville homeowners:

  • Clogs such as small accumulations caused by grease, soap scum or other buildup
  • Partial obstructions from tree roots or rust in pipes
  • Preventative maintenance every 3-6 months

Drain snaking, commonly used for DIY, offers convenience for simple clogs in sinks and toilets, and can tackle mild obstructions without damaging plumbing. However, stubborn line clogs may necessitate the robust power of hydrojetting.

It’s sensible to reach out to your local Gladesville Plumbing professionals if you are unsure whether drain snakes are suitable; we can assess one end and recommend the best option to see your drain cleaning method.

Advantages of Drain Snakes

Drain snakes offer several benefits, making them a handy tool for cutting through clog issues in Gladesville homes:

  • Affordable - Drain snakes are more affordable than professional hydrojetting, with prices starting below $30.
  • User-friendly - Drain snakes are straightforward for DIY beginners to use safely.
  • Low invasiveness - They can clear partial clogs without requiring extensive digging or pipe removal.
  • Reach - A plumbing snake can navigate bends and reach clogs up to 15 metres into the plumbing.
  • Preventative use - Regular snaking every 3-6 months stops small buildups turning into major blockages.

Affordability and ease of use position drain snakes as the preferable initial approach for minor sink or toilet clogs before considering the more costly hydrojetting.

Disadvantages of Drain Snakes

While plumbing snake hydro techniques are useful for minor clogs, homeowners should be aware of certain limitations:

  • May not tackle deep plumbing issues - Drain snakes can only reach limited depths, so they struggle with obstructions beyond 50 feet within pipes or wall cavities.
  • Temporary relief - Drain snakes scrub the inside of your pipe but don’t remove the clog, so there’s a risk of recurrence.
  • Pipe damage - Excessive use of force while winding is something you don’t want as it could potentially damage your pipe interiors over time.
  • Ineffective on hard obstructions - Snakes have a difficult time working through roots and penetrating tough clogs or large objects.

A 2022 plumbing study revealed that for 26% of drain issues, snakes either failed to remedy the problem or the issue recurred within six months. For persistent clogs, professional hydrojetting may be necessary for a definitive solution.

When to Use Hydrojetting

In Gladesville homes, hydrojetting is the superior method, sending a forceful jetting stream through pipe networks to tackle major clogs drain snakes can’t handle.

Hydrojetting is recommended over snaking when dealing with:

  • Extensive buildup deeper than 50 feet into pipes
  • Large, dense obstructions like tree roots or cement
  • For the main sewer, years of accumulated grease, soap, or solid waste necessitate the robust cleansing of a hydro jetting machine.
  • Clogged sewer line connections between houses
  • Comprehensive whole-system clearing

Hydro jets can scour pipes of any diameter and effectively break through tough clogs that challenge snakes. Hydrojetting also thoroughly cleanses, sending pressurized water down drain systems.

By contrast, snakes only poke and prod at clogs, making them less effective when cleaning clogged pipes without removing the cause fully. For severe blockages, the temporary relief from snaking can quickly lead to recurrence.

While snaking demands some tinkering, hydrojetting necessitates professional equipment and expertise to manage high water pressures exceeding 3000 psi safely. Overall, hydrojetting provides superior cleaning when blockages persist beyond DIY efforts.

Advantages of Hydrojetting

Hydro jet technology has several key advantages over drain snakes when tackling severe clogs in Gladesville properties:

  • Thorough cleaning - High-pressure water jets comprehensively clean pipes from all angles, rather than merely dislodging blockages.
  • Deeper access - Hydrojets can address clogs more than 50 metres into pipes, reaching much further than snake cables.
  • Versatile - Hydrojet heads fit all shapes sizes, allowing clean-up of pipes ranging from 1.5 inches to 12 inches across.
  • Long-lasting solutions - Hydrojetting minimizes clog recurrence by effectively eliminating obstructions with pressurized water.

Hydrojetting, an eco-friendly process, avoids harsh chemicals and mechanical force that can weaken pipes in your sewer system. When comprehensive cleaning or deep access is required, hydrojetting is the most advanced and tailored solution available.

Disadvantages of Hydrojetting

While highly effective, hydrojetting has considerations for Gladesville homeowners:

  • Potential for pipe damage - High-powered water jets can accidentally cause damage that pipes can suffer from or puncture ageing pipe materials like clay or cast iron if not handled correctly.
  • Limited DIY options - Operating professional hydrojetting equipment safely requires trained and certified specialists, as it involves blasting water at pressures up to 5000 psi.
  • Upfront costs - Specialist hydrojetting services typically cost more than basic drain snakes per job, with average quotes around $300-$800 but potentially higher depending on pipe length and accessibility.
  • Not ideal for minor clogs - Light buildup is better tackled with simpler and other methods more affordable for clearing first before progressing to hydrojetting solutions.

To safeguard pipe integrity and prevent further damages, it’s essential to employ qualified technicians, such as our specialists at Gladesville Plumbing, for hydrojetting services. Avoid DIY experiments with rented jetting machines which may lead to leaks or flooding without proper handling. While more intensive, jetting can provide unmatched cleaning power when operated expertly and safely.

Comparing Effectiveness for Different Clog Causes

Grease Buildup

For minor clogs from grease buildup, learn more about how drain snakes can frequently clear the obstruction effectively. Slowly winding the snake cable with a spinning motion helps to break down and scrape off grease inside pipe in your drains. However, tough sewer line clogs resulting from years of thick grease accumulation call for the intense hydrojetting treatment to fully purge pipes.

Rust and Sediment

Both drain snakes and hydrojetting work well for clearing loose sediment or rust flakes which usually indicate deterioration of old pipes. Snaking removes rust, while jet streams expel debris effectively. Yet, with hydrojetting, the force water can easily remove scale buildup and hardened sediment more thoroughly.

Tree Roots

Drain snakes struggle with dense tree roots due to limited winding torque and cable strength. Roots clinging to pipe walls are scoured clean by jet streams from all angles. Hydrojetting uses a forceful jet water technique to blast away at roots, drilling through obstructions.

Excessive cranking risks having the snake get stuck or snapping.

Overall hydrojetting provides superior cleaning power across common clog causes. But for mild grease or sediment, drain snakes offer an affordable first option before seeking intensive hydrojetting services.

Economic Considerations

When weighing up drain snakes versus hydrojetting, an important factor for Gladesville homeowners is cost. Professional hydrojetting services typically range from $300-$800 but may surpass $1500 for complex clearing tasks.

By comparison, basic drain snakes range from $20 for hand augers up to $150 for electric models suited to reaching deeper clogs. Regular DIY maintenance every 3-6 months with a quality snake yields significant long-term savings.

However, for severe or recurring clogs, the one-off investment of hydro jetting often saves money over recurring snaking, which isn’t always the best solution, as it only offers temporary relief. Fixing issues permanently reduces costly emergency callouts.

Considering typical pipe lengths in Gladesville homes, hydrojetting costs average around $500. Over 5-10 years, this equates to roughly $100 a year for reliable drainage, compared to the recurrent cost of snaking which can exceed $75 each instance.

Along with superior cleaning power, the permanence and preventative nature of hydrojetting take care of clogs more economically in the long run. speak to our Gladesville Plumbing team to see our free quote offerings on the most cost-effective and tailored drain solution for the unique situation in your home.

Environmental Impact

When evaluating environmental impact, hydrojetting, often owned and operated by conscious businesses, clearly surpasses traditional drain snakes.

Hydrojetting is a modern plumbing process that avoids harsh chemicals, meaning no contamination risk for soils or groundwater. It also generates no fumes or air pollution compared to diesel-powered drain cleaners.

Repeated snaking can increase environmental impact if persistent clogs lead to chemical drain cleaner use. It also causes more wear on your pipes, meaning earlier replacement and disposal of plumbing containing non-renewable resources.

However, basic hand-powered augers have minimal ecological effects for periodic use clearing minor clogs. Over the long term, there’s a risk of resorting to chemicals if snaking doesn’t restore drainage.

Hydrojetting removes this risk entirely by comprehensively clearing any obstruction the first time, effectively helping you get rid of clog concerns. Its eco-friendly high pressure water jets even remove grease and scale buildup that accelerates pipe decay.

This preventative cleaning power of hydro jetting can break through obstructions, thus extending asset lifetimes and saving resources spent on premature pipe replacements. Despite its higher initial cost, hydrojetting’s thorough removal of clogs makes it more environmentally friendly than temporary snaking solutions.


Understanding whether to opt for a drain snake or hydrojetting is key to effectively clearing blockages while preserving pipe integrity in your Gladesville property.

For minor grease or debris clogs, an affordable plumbing snake is a practical DIY choice before consulting a professional plumber. Caution is still advised when cranking cables to avoid damage to your pipes.

For extensive sewer blockages from tree roots or long-term buildup, hydrojetting is the most effective solution to flush your drain. Although more complex and costly, hydrojetting cleans pipes thoroughly, removing debris and reducing future blockages. Trust Gladesville Plumbing’s expertise to evaluate your unique situation and recommend the optimal drain cleaning method.

Backed by 10+ years serving Gladesville households, contact our team today about any persistent drainage issues. We offer reliable solutions to tackle clogs and restore free-flowing plumbing.

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